'79 "Insights" On-Line Book of Reflections on the Past 35 Years!

Reflect, reminisce and reconnect—even if you’re unable to be in Hanover in June. Although maybe it will inspire you to make the trip!

The questionnaire consists of nine (9) short-answer questions, with room at the end to expand or add a note to classmates if you’d like. Click here to preview the questions. Responses will be featured here sometime in June.

Your candor is bound to make this project interesting— and it’s a great way to get to know each other again.

With that said, take a cleansing breath, relax your mind, maybe put on some ‘70s music and wear something green, then click the button to the right.  Your class looks forward to hearing from you.

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Class Update

2014 Class of the Year!

For the sixth time, The Dartmouth Class of 1979 was recognized as "Class of the Year" during September's Class Officers' Weekend (COW).  This is the third time that we were so recognized in the last five years.  No class in the history of the College has received this citation more times than our class.  Click here for the text of the citation.

Front row, L-to-R:  Mark Tomalonis, Nancy Schwartzman Malmquist, Ellen Oppenheim, Libby Roberts.  Back row, L-to-R:  Brendan Cameron, Mark Winkler, Jim Feuille, Peggy Epstein Tanner, Charlie Vieth, Carol Anderson Shaw, Jim Wasz.